Paweł Kryza - Portfolio

Below you can verify my experience with different tools.
From using camera & working with live actors
to postproduction & game design fundamentals.


My experience as a photographer includes:

- working in studio setup with many light units
- night street photography with long exposure
- cinematography as a director of photography
- cinematography as a camera operator
- working with many digital formats
- usage of various systems & gear

... and the list goes on.

Film Production

As a filmmaker I had the opportunity to bring vision to life
from the scratch. I never stopped to experiment with my
approach to formula & style. Thanks to this experience
I know how to 
deal with different aspects of production.

- Directing a vision
- Building creative teams
- Choosing the right tools
- Understanding stakeholders
- Embracing critique

Last but not least, filmmaking taught me to understand
surrounding world (and people) on a whole new level.

Sculpting / Lighting

Sculpting 3D concept art for further retopology.
Made in Blender.

Voxels & Godot

Using voxels for rapid mesh creation & prototyping
3D scenes in game engine.

1. Character designed in Qubicle / Indie Edition by P.Kryza.
2. Spaceship asset used in engine designed by Max Parata.
3. Skybox generated in 'spacescape'.
4. Fixed in 'cubemap_to_panorama'.
5. Assembled in Godot Engine.


Sketching low-res prototypes for pixel art.
Yes, that's MS Paint...


Bringing to life original 2D pixel art characters + properly layered skeleton workflow.
Creating assets & background layers for parallax scrolling 

Created & animated in Libresprite.


Paweł Kryza
Visual Artist


Born and raised in post-communist Poland.
Since always interested in creating fantastic worlds.
For many years have been drawing & painting pictures.
Constantly learning different tools in order to achieve artistic
freedom and 
deep understanding of how creative work is done.

In 2015 awarded with Grand Jury Prize
in Sundance Channel Shorts (London),
for short horror movie „Alvethor”.
In result short got world wide premiere,
being distributed by AMC Networks (NY).

Passionate gamer, writing GDD's in free time.
Huge enthusiast of Jazz & Heavy Metal music.
Loves biographies of people who „did” things.

- I like to take challenges & aim high.
After the initial shock & few good laughs with
people, I tend to get beyond average results.
You might say that I'm the „hold my beer” dude.